Art and Architecture, a contract?

October 26-27 2012, Château Mercier, Sierre (CH)



Symposium 1 / Art and Architecture, a contract? will address issues of collaboration between architects and artists within the context of «percent for art programs». The speakers are invited to question the shared destiny of art and architecture, the exchanges at work in these situations and the gray area where these two disciplines meet. The aim is to discuss new dynamics and prospectives in the collaboration between art and architecture, and to outline possible future scenarios.


Speakers: Renate Buser, Dieter Dietz, Davide Fornari, Olivier Galletti, Loïc Julienne, Robert Ireland, Federica Martini, Andreas Münch, Sibylle Omlin; scientific coordination: Robert Ireland


Constructions – identities / Pavilions, art, architecture

November 12-13 2012, Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi, Venezia (IT)


Symposium 2 / World fairs and the Venice biennials of art and architecture remain today the only exhibitions to have conserved a national representation structure, based on pavilions. The symposium Constructions – identities / Pavilions, art, architecture will explore the specificity, and the potential anachronism of the national pavilion as an exhibition and archive for art and architecture. The speakers will focus on the hybrid status of pavilions in large-scale exhibitions, and the interplay between iconic architecture and discourses of national identity.


Speakers: Paul Ardenne, Davide Fornari, Alfredo Jaar, Robert Ireland, Federica Martini, Vittoria Martini, Antoni Muntadas, Beat Wyss; scientific coordination: Federica Martini

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