The Traces collection is designed to highlight research conducted by a University of Art, more precisely the Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais (ECAV). Each edition provides a brief overview of a recent project. Taking advantage of freshly acquired experience and knowledge, it renders in a more polished, informed or instructive form the intentions behind what was necessarily an adventurous undertaking: the goal, the challenges, the results – even if only provisional – and, last but not least, any unresolved or newly emerging questions.


In an age of contradictory behests – preserve everything for the sake of heritage, efface everything in the cause of permanent innovation - Traces chooses a middle path by keeping a record of what has been achieved so far, while offering a glimpse, to the sides and ahead, of territories yet to be explored.


Traces, or the recollection of singular trajectories describing a history in the making...