Quality system

Jean Stalé, diplôme BA 2014, photographie d'Oscar Jobin

Certification of the ECAV integrated management system

Since 2011, ECAV has operated an integrated management system which includes quality control and environmental control. The intended aims are to improve the way the institution works and to ensure its long-term viability through the adoption and application of appropriate rules of conduct. The award of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications in November 2012 was the culmination of these efforts, confirming the correctness of this approach and opening the door to the Valais Excellence label.

Acquiring the Valais Excellence label means joining xx firms in the canton with high ambitions in the field of quality, belonging fully to the regional economic fabric, and above all providing an assurance to our pupils and students, as well as their parents, that all steps are being taken to ensure that the School continues to act responsibly both at an administrative and an environmental level.

For more information about the Valais Excellence label, visit: www.valais-excellence.ch