Organization chart

Jean Stalé, diplôme BA 2014, photographie d'Oscar Jobin

Located in the heart of the Alps and in the centre of Europe, l’Ecole cantonale d’art du Valais offers high quality education in graphic design (secondary education graphic designer – MPA) and visual arts (BachelorMasterMAS).

Small in size, the ECAV offers clear educational routes and a personalized support for each student.

Teachers, guest artists and theorists ensure the supervision and the teaching which will help each one to build his/her own artistic path.

Suitable facilities for the development of new media guarantee a continuous openness towards the most recent artistic research.

More than 200 students attend our school and benefit every day from the beauty of a gorgeous environment and of an ex-centric location. The students can enjoy precious lifestyle (reasonable cost of living, low rent, sport and leisure) as well as the dynamism of a town which welcomes students from various fields of tertiary education (HES-SO Valais).