Equipements / Ateliers

In the main building, the School provides students with

  • a “Multiples-Editions” engraving workshop covering a floor space of 250 square metres (woodcut, serigraphy, engraving, etching, lithography) specially equipped for in-house publications
  • workshops/machines for working wood and metal
  • IT rooms containing digitization and printing equipment
  • a multimedia room specifically intended for photographic and video processing (digital editing and postproduction). Software used: complete adobe suite.
  • a sound workshop with sound recording, mixing and digital processing equipment, as well as all the facilities of an electronic workshop
  • a fully-equipped projection room
  • workshops
  • WIFI access 
  • an economat

In the Movimax building dedicated to HEA students, the School makes available

  • an IT room
  • individual workshops
  • a classroom/projection room
  • video and editing equipment
  • a laboratory for the development of silver images and photographic studio
  • a photographic studio