Atelier Multiples et Editions d'artistes de l'Ecole cantonale d'Art du Valais

In October 2000, ECAV was able to acquire a complete serigraphy workshop and, as a result, develop a creative space for teaching and artistic projects and publications. This space supplements existing workshops devoted to etching, woodcutting and linocut.

The School’s print workshops have since been named MULTIPLES-EDITIONS (ME), a unique example in the canton of Valais of a structure open to different departments of ECAV, namely the School’s HES-SO Bachelor and Master programmes in visual and fine arts, and to the HEP-VS teacher training environment.

Since October 2001, in-house projects to publish artists teaching at ECAV have led to the production of engravings and serigraphs. This editorial policy seeks to develop production dynamics within the School and to build bridges between teaching or scholarly activities and artist-teachers: Marie Sacconi, Vivianne van Singer, Kotscha Reist, Gilles Porret and Vincent Chablais, as well as artists in residence such as Charles Nkosi and Luis Suro. Works have also been commissioned during this period by Valais artists such as Pascal Seiler, Carlo Schmidt and Valentin Carron.

From 2004 to 2006, as part of the general plan to develop the activities of the Multiples-Editions workshops, a second initiative was launched in parallel with the first whereby artists were invited from outside the institution. This resulted in works by José Davila, Craig Fisher, Ella Ziegler, Abrie Fourie, Louise Cattrell, Fatima Lasay, Anne Sauser Hall, Luc Mattenberger and Martina Gmür, whose contributions were added to the varied collection of prints and publications. Today there are no fewer than 80 editions of prints by 30 guest artists.