Artists in residence

ECAV artists in residence in collaboration with the Château Mercier Foundation

Created in 1998, the “Artists in residence” programme aims to:

Facilitate interaction with creative people from different cultures and disciplines in order to encourage intercultural dialogue.
Offer artists a platform for reflexion and creation in direct relation to the geographical and social environment specific to Sierre.
Stimulate and accompany the design and realisation of innovative artistic projects.
Sustain a dialogue between artists and students through ECAV workshops.
This programme is open to artists who, in their artistic work, explore fundamental questions with a critical eye, for example: the place and role of the artist in contemporary society, or the space included in its cultural, social, urban, out-of-town or rural dimensions and implications.

From two to four international artists are invited each year.

Since its creation, more than 40 artists from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe have participated in this programme.

Applications (with documented artistic work, CV, preferred duration from 1 to 5 months, covering letter) to

More information about admission requirements on the Villa Ruffieux website

Invited artists
Antonio Nunez (Cuba); Ibrahim Miranda (Cuba); Lazzaro Saavedra (Cuba); Matthew Ngui (Singapore); I.C. Endaya (Philippines); Dadang Christanto (Indonesia); William Miko (Zambia); Diego Gutiérrez (Mexico); Sarah Wong (Hong Kong); Nunes Dos Santos (Brazil); Dora Longo Bahia (Brazil); Tsz-Kwan NG (Hong Kong); S. Charles Nkosi (South Africa); L. Miguel Suro (Mexico); Jo Ractliffe (South Africa); Mariana Bunimov (Venezuela); Babatunde Babalola (Niger); Joachim Schönfeldt (South Africa); Hanna K. le Roux (South Africa); Chi Wo Leung (Hong Kong); Gustavo Artigas (Mexico); Abrie Fourie (South Africa); Louise Cattrell (Scotland) José Davila (Mexico); Fatima Lasay (Philippines); Jaroslav Hulboj (Poland); Marcelo Brantes (Brazil); Johan Thom (South Africa); Zuzanna Janin (Poland); Marco Lora Read (Dominican Republic); Kgafela Magogodi (South Africa); Melinda Nadj Abonji (Switzerland); Dorothee Kreutzfeldt (South Africa); Elisabeth Wong (China); Rana El Nemr (Egypt); Germaine Koh (Malaysia); Ruben Gutierrez (Mexico); Sylwia Gorak (Poland); Bridget Baker (South Africa); Mee Ping Leung (China); Ricardo Rivera (United States/Mexico

The Artists in Residence programme is under the patronage of the ECAV Foundation and collaborates with the Château Mercier Foundation. Residents of the continent of Africa, Arab countries and India are supported by the Swiss Foundation for Culture (Pro Helvetia).