Master in Visual Arts


The MAPS – Arts in Public Spheres program offers 120 ECTS credits. It is a two-year course with classes three days a week. MAPS faculty comes from a multidisciplinary and international background.
The structure of the program is organized to combine seminars and workshops led by artists, theoreticians and curators, with visits to exhibitions and events of interest, and the development of individual and collective exhibition projects. Students thus devote 60–70% of their formation time to their own work and are supervised by two tutors throughout their course. The final stage of the program is focused on the Masters Thesis and Exhibition.
Individual work, meetings and exchanges with artists and professionals from the art world constitute an important part of the course. Studios equipped with computers and other technical equipment are available, as well as exhibition spaces.



CHF 1000.- per year (approx. 700 Euros) + material and consumables costs (CHF 700.- annually)