Bachelor in Visual Arts


The programme is intended for students eager to accept the challenge of contemporary artistic production and situate it in a socio-cultural and political context, while at the same time gradually developing their own approach to the visual arts.

Recognised artists, actors on the cultural scene and theoreticians accompany students to help them ascertain and determine original creative paths.

During three years of study, students can conduct their research and experimentation through different artistic disciplines depending on their chosen orientations. Theoretical aspects of the course will allow them to acquire fundamental knowledge in the history of art, promote cross-disciplinary reflection, and develop a critical approach. 

Regular visits by guests from outside the School allow students’ experimental work to be placed in a national and international perspective.

The School’s outlying location prompts analogy with a laboratory – a space of research and experimentation – and offers students a prime site for concentration. Its small size makes for a highly flexible programme and allows personalised supervision.

The School is developing many partnerships abroad and promotes exchange programmes for its students.

The programme is part of the HES-SO Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts. 

Career opportunities

The course leads to opportunities in the cultural and artistic field, in particular work as an independent artist, as well as teaching, the development of artistic projects and the curation of exhibitions. The Bachelor programme in visual arts can also be a first step to a Master in Visual Arts either at ECAV or another establishment.


More information: Françoise Brunner Bachelor coordinator