Bachelor in Visual Arts


Preliminary conditions

To access the HES-SO Bachelor of Arts programme, students must satisfy the following conditions:  

  • high-school maturity, baccalaureate or equivalent qualification.
  • professional maturity relevant to the field of study, or equivalent qualification. 
  • specialised maturity in the field of the visual arts, or equivalent qualification. 

Candidates in possession of a diploma attesting to the successful completion of a three-year course awarded by a business school or other degree-level institution, are requested to contact the secretariat. 

Under exceptional circumstances, candidates not in possession of any of these qualifications may be accepted if, through their portfolio, its presentation and their covering letter, they can demonstrate the required level of general education and exceptional artistic qualities, indicative of previous experience in this field. In order to register for the entrance exam, they will first need to submit a request for derogation. See paragraph “Particular conditions”. 

(see Instructions for admission to the Bachelor of Visual Arts



Candidates’ applications must contain:

  • the entrance exam registration form (this may be sent under separate cover before the documents below) 
  • a written text describing motivations, aspirations, and expectations in relation to the course 
  • original work (drawings, paintings, photographs, videos, text, notes) 
  • photographs of any three-dimensional works
  • a CV
  • copies of diplomas obtained
  • a copy of the receipt for the CHF 150 registration fee
  • the registration form duly completed
  • copy of identity card/passport​

The portfolio is not requested for the 2nd session's application. However, it will be presented during the interview. 


Application deadlines

More informations to come between December 2018 and January 2019. 


Registration fee

Candidates must pay CHF 150.- to cover administrative costs and the fees of panel members. Payable to CCP account 19-2603-7. 

This sum is not refundable, regardless of the result of the admission procedure. 



The ECAV Rectorate appoints a panel responsible for examining applications and portfolios. It consists primarily of teaching staff at the School. An assistant and a student may also be invited to participate. 


Interview (aptitude test)

All candidates will be called for interview by the committee to determine their aptitude to follow the Bachelor of Visual Arts programme, based on their portfolio and individual interview.


Particular conditions

Request for derogation from admission requirements (reserved for candidates aged 25 and over):  

The derogation request comprises the following documents to be submitted to the ECAV secretariat:

  • a covering letter describing the candidate’s motivations. 
  • a CV with details of past experience in the visual arts and achievements in this field 
  • a portfolio documenting work and experience in the artistic field. 

The request will be assessed by a committee consisting of professors on the ECAV Bachelor programme.


2018/2019 admission

The academic year begins in September 2018.


Tuition fees

Annual tuition: CHF 1000.-

Cost of materials: CHF 700.- (annual fixed amount)



In its admission procedures, the School undertakes to exercise no discrimination with regard to sex, age, or the origin of candidates.