After the production of space


Lecture by Julian Myers-Szupinska

Wednesday September 17th, 18:00 Salle de la Chapelle


- image: Paul Klee, Uncomposed in Space, 1929. 


This lecture discusses critically French philosopher Henri Lefebvre’s book The Production of Space, which has been a cornerstone text for critical geography, art, art history and architecture over the last forty years. Considering Lefebvre’s theories of production, labor, capitalism and urban revolution, Myers-Szupinska produces a usable précis of the dense and theoretical book, and theorizes about developments in space, cities and art in the four decades since its publication in 1974. Discussing an artwork by the Swedish artists Goldin + Senneby and a brief but important building occupation in Oakland, California, Myers will argue that new forces of financial speculation and digitization inflect a Lefebvrean analysis of space in the present, and produce new challenges and possibilities for urban resistance.


Julian Myers-Szupinska is an art historian whose essays have appeared in Documents, October, Afterall, Frieze, Fillip, Artforum, Tate Papers and elsewhere. His scholarship is focused on sculpture and the spatial politics of the 20th century, the social and political dynamics of consumer society, and the socio-historical frameworks for contemporary art and exhibitions. He is an associate professor at California College of the Arts, a member (with Joanna Szupinska) of the curatorial collaboration grupa o.k., and is senior editor of The Exhibitionist, a journal of exhibition-making. 


Conférence Julian Myers-Szupinska (USA)



Mercredi 17 septembre, 18h, Salle de la Chapelle.

Conférence publique en anglais.


Dans le cadre du projet de recherche Ars contemporaneus alpinus l'historien de l'art américain Julien Myers-Szupinska propose une critique de l'oeuvre "La Production de l'Espace" d'Henri Lefebvre.